March 10th, 2018 FOTW: News, Saturn, Dark Matter, Volcanoes, etc. Perhaps the best source for space weather updates and the latest results from climate and astrophysical research is Space Weather News . March 12th, 2016 FOTW: CHs and Storms, Electric Topics, Maunder Min/Magnetic Reversal Topics This pyramid hitched a ride: You can have it for $159.95. March 17th, 2018 FOTW: Yale Bombs, Earthquakes, CMB, Chemicals March 5th, 2016 FOTW: App Update, Sumatra Quake & What it Means January 16th, 2021 FOTW: Earth is Crazy, Space is Dark, Censorship is Here to Stay January 14th, 2017 FOTW: Earth/Sun Report, Dione, Electromagnetic Topics August 8th, 2015 FOTW: Guest: ADAPT2030, Then we Go on a Tangent, and End Up at Universal Scalability. Speed is 350-400 km/sec. September 29th, 2018 FOTW: Tsunami, Dust, Stars Health, September 22nd, 2018 FOTW: Cosmology, Vaccines, Deep State, September 15th, 2018 FOTW: Electromagnetism, Pluto, Facist!, September 8th, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Weather, Red Square Nebula, Jupiter, September 1st, 2018 FOTW: The Angle, Asteroids, Dark Matter, Venezuela, August 25th, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Sun, Galaxy, Magnetosphere, August 18th, 2018 FOTW: Grand Minimum, Earthquakes, Electric Science and more, August 11th, 2018 FOTW: Sun/Earth Update, Agenda 21 and Social Control, August 4th, 2018 FOTW: Arctic Changes, Electromagnetic Pyramids, Galactic Fields, From ELF to 5G and beyond re: Health, Cultural/Political Commentary (at times, angry commentary), July 28th, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Redshift, Space Weather, Lightning GEC, July 21st, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Planets, Plastic, Repeating History, July 14th, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Exoplanets, Electric Connections, Coming Cold, July 7th, 2018 FOTW: Solar Uptick, Earthquakes, Solar Forcing, Cosmology, Cosmic Rays, June 30rd, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Electromagnetic Connections, Space Stuff, June 23rd, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Uranus, Cosmology, Electric DNA, June 16th, 2018 FOTW: Solar Risks, Ownership of the World, Mind/Body, June 9th, 2018 FOTW: Aura, Cosmos, Africa, Frack-Quakes, June 2nd, 2018 FOTW: Lightning, Pluto, UFO, Climate, Dark Matter, Health. September 5th, 2020 FOTW: The Sun, Cosmology, 2nd Civil War February 2015: The Mobile Observatory into storage as Ben and Kat get ready for their new role: parents! Ben is the Director and Founder of Space Weather News, The Mobile Observatory Project, The Disaster Prediction App,,,,,, and the Suspicious0bservers YouTube Channel, with more than 260,000 minds alert to what the mainstream deems . He was dogging Dutch Sinse for years, making his life miserableeven threatening to take his channel downbut Dutch was not intimidated. November 14th, 2015 FOTW: OLR, Farthest Planet, Disease February 6th, 2021 FOTW: Dust, Dark Nova, CEOs & Constitution Disappearing August 21, 2021 FOTW: Earthquakes, Sun, Waters Below, NASA Earth and Science News! October 3rd, 2015 FOTW: Killshot Miss, Brain power, Magnetic Field and Climate, How Do You Go To Battle? Tour Dates & Tickets: Promo Code MARCHOBSERVER: https://space-weather-news.myshopify.. June 4th, 2016 FOTW: Flooding, Health, The Circus Hunza Guides is Pakistan's top mountain destination management company offering full board tours, trekking and expeditions services in Pakistan. December 7th, 2019 FOTW: Cosmic Ray Health Alerts, Top Science News, What to Watch For This Week December 2nd, 2017 FOTW: Dark Matter, Volcanoes, GEC/FTEs April 13th, 2019 FOTW: Snow, Sun, Earthquakes, Plasma Science SUSPICIOUS0BSERVERS YouTube Channel Founder and CS0,May 2011 Current June 20th, 2020 FOTW: Fun Story, Climate, The Current World May 11th, 2019 FOTW: Grand Minimum, Earth Changes, Fake News September 1st, 2018 FOTW: The Angle, Asteroids, Dark Matter, Venezuela Space Weather News provides reporting, analysis and forecasting of geophysical data/events and space weather. April 9, 2022 FOTW: Magnetism, Vaccines, People CVS outbid rivals such as Amazon to acquire home healthcare company Signify Health for $8 billion. July 4th, 2020 FOTW: Climate, Solar Cycle, State of the World September 30th, 2017 FOTW: Mars Killshot, Comet K2, Russia July 31, 2021 FOTW: Sun, Electricity, Cultural Changes October 8th, 2016 FOTW: Solar Storms and their Effects, Adapt2030 Update, Short-term Prepping, Alien Life Education: The Mobile Observatory Project Co-Founder,May 2014 Current March 19th, 2016 FOTW: Cold Plasma? August 10th, 2019 FOTW: The Universe, The Breaking Point 1.09K subscribers. From March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius, just with a few key retrogrades back into Capricorn, which is the next, after Saturn in Pisces, the most important event of this month and year. May 20th, 2017 FOTW: Solar Grand Minimum, Magnetic Reversal, Vaccines April 30th, 2016 FOTW: Hail, Our Research, Light of Life and the Future of the Electric Universe [1] He has various websites on which he sells his scribblings and tickets to his . January 13th, 2018 FOTW: Electric Science, Climate, Zuma suspicious observers store. January 11th, 2020 FOTW: Radiation, Top Science Articles, Data/Control Topics March 26th, 2016 FOTW: Earth/Sun Update, Super Flare, Space Stress, Yelvertons Lab January 23rd, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Update, Hawkings Fall?, Scalability Made by Ron (CFC66) , SNIPERCAT Brighteon Videoshop app used under fair use non profit Mike Adams has permission to use any video clips or screen capture photos from SNIPERCAT channel to promote his Brighteon Platform I asked Ben Davidson to open a channel here, Suspicious Observers space weather news. Intramural Golf Champion 2004. May 21, 2022 FOTW: Sun, Climate, Catastrophe, Chaos April 16th, 2016 FOTW: Extreme Weather, Solar Report, Electromagnetism: The Reversal, Geomagnetic Storms, Health Effects Fast Facts. The Supreme Court of Ohio, Summer Clerkship, Justice Pfeiffer May 28th, 2016 FOTW: The Solar Cycle(s), Hexagons, Regulation November 5th, 2016 FOTW: Earthquakes, Space Weather and Health, Winter Warning and more October 29th, 2016 FOTW: Space Weather/satellites, Polar Vortex Future, Water ExoWorlds October 22nd, 2016 FOTW: Solar Storms, Earthquake Predictions, Dark Disk, Sky Ring, Placebos May 29, 2021 FOTW: Cosmic Engineering, Disaster Updates, Crystal Ball February 23rd, 2019 FOTW: Record Weather, Conference, Earth Catastrophe Cycle June 8th, 2019 FOTW: Weather, Cosmology, Catastrophe October 24th, 2020 FOTW: Inside Earth, Galactic Sheet, Texas Rock Wall February 18th, 2017 FOTW: Earthquakes, Earths Magnetic Poles and more March 23rd, 2019 FOTW: Earth, Sun, Magnetic Sense, Health May 27th, 2017 FOTW: Public Events Announcements, ExoMars, Automation, Earthquake Drought FYI on CERN: It has nothing to do with earthquakes or earth's magnetic field. What they later described as "humanoid figures" through the illuminated windows, prompted their speeding away but the craft followed . February 28, 2023: News from the Apocalypse: Revelation [videos] Feb 13, Watson: "What the hell is going on?" [8:17 video (cc)] There is a report that Merck is buying companies in India that manufacture ivermectin and shutting down their ivermectin production - Feb 28 2023 This was a combination of the fist initials of Kat, Achilles, Hope, Ben the human and dog pairs that went on tour in 2015 was the original team. They were at once the lay face of the church, the spiritual heart of civic government, and the social kin who claimed the allegiance of peers and the obedience of subordinates. July 7th, 2018 FOTW: Solar Uptick, Earthquakes, Solar Forcing, Cosmology, Cosmic Rays January 21st, 2017 FOTW: Sun, Weather, Earthquakes, Green Sahara February 22nd, 2020 FOTW: Climate, Magnetic Shift, You Can Fly 370 Space Weather Memes 245 Cool Aurora Time-Lapse 10 Why do HF band conditions as the A index increases. The field of solar-terrestrial physics is growing in depth and reach. Watch the video! April 11th, 2020 FOTW: Silver, Nature, Cosmos, The Mark March 28th, 2015 FOTW: Current Events, Pilotless Aircraft, Monty Childs discusses SAFIRE It started out as an educational YouTube channel by Ben Davidson, who's an ex-lawyer and has . September 9th, 2017 FOTW: Solar Storms, Earthquakes, Propaganda and Censorship January 25th, 2020 FOTW: Climate, Cosmology, Catastrophe, Liberty Climate, Micronova, Plasma Universe March 16th, 2019 FOTW: Catastrophe-Related Show July 11th, 2015 FOTW: Top Solar News, Satellite Issues, Act of War? February 9th, 2019 FOTW: Earthquakes, ESA, SETI, Micronova November 8th, 2014 FOTW: Cold is Coming, Rosetta, November 1st, 2014 FOTW: Current Events, Winter Projections, Timelines for Change, October 4th, 2014 FOTW: Vortex, Chemtrails, Siding Spring, Climate Changes, September 27th, 2014 FOTW: Strange Clouds, Water, Sun, Quakes. August 6th, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Report, Adapt2030 Update, Comets, Extinctions, Psychology of a Killer October 22nd, 2016 FOTW: Solar Storms, Earthquake Predictions, Dark Disk, Sky Ring, Placebos January 18th, 2020 FOTW: Fast Extinction, No Islands in Space, Plastic, Gold Volcanoes December 28th, 2019 FOTW: Catastrophe, Climate, Cosmology and Cyrus TerraZetzz. The "disaster prediction app" costs $5.99, and advertises early warnings of earthquakes, solar flares, and other catastrophic events. May 23rd, 2015 FOTW: Trevor, Billy, and GTS pick up the slack for daddy S0 October 1st, 2016 FOTW: The Sun, Storms and Earthquakes; Medical Issues News. March 27, 2021 FOTW: Solar Update, Disaster, Censorship Grants from the Chips Act are expected to cover 5% to 15% of the total cost for each of the big construction projects, supplemented by subsidies from state and local governments, Ms. Raimondo said. Juris Doctorate Capital University Law School 2011 September 5th, 2015 FOTW: What is the Goal? The YouTube channel and daily show, Observer Ranch, Books & Merchandise,, The Big Burb and Legacy Videos for Former Members are available by clicking the buttons on this page. March 25th, 2017 FOTW: Earth/Sun Report, Geoengineering, Electric Universe and more February 10th, 2018 FOTW: Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Science July 25th, 2020 FOTW: Sun, Earthquakes, Catastrophe, Survival 1) The south pole has already left antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean. Only a few days left to enjoy coupon. March 7th, 2015 FOTW: Coming Climate Video, Stone Returns, Reverse Sunspot? October 28th, 2017 FOTW: There were a lot of topics today. November 3rd, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Cosmic Dust & Cosmology, Stupid Nonsense January 9th, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Update, Disaster Analysis, Radiation, Earthspots, January 2nd, 2016 FOTW: Solar Update, Climate Update, The Future of HAARP, December 26th, 2015 FOTW: Major Story Pulled, Earth-Facing Solar Quiet, Evolution, December 19th, 2015 FOTW: Peak Oil Fraud? May 5th, 2018 FOTW: Electromagnetism, Community, Water August 29th, 2015 FOTW: Sun, Earthquakes, Paleo Diet, Fusion, Coronal Heating August 20, 2022 FOTW: Solar Uptick, People are Breaking June 5th, 2020 FOTW: 0bservers Updates, Cosmology, Catastrophe, Economy August 8th, 2015 FOTW: Guest: ADAPT2030, Then we Go on a Tangent, and End Up at Universal Scalability. March 6, 2021 FOTW: Geophysics, Cosmology, Clown World Communications Conditions courtesy of by Dreaming_Magpie. Feb 15, 2023. July 9, 2022 FOTW: Mini Chat from Ben Suspicious Observers (Suspicious0bservers) is a pseudoscience YouTube channel run by ex-lawyer Ben Davidson who has a degree in economics from Denison University and a Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School, but no actual science training. Scientists recently named a mesa-like lunar mountain that towers above the landscape carved by craters near the Moon's South Pole. 12:41, 28 FEB 2023. Instead it will deliver only a glancing blow when it arrives. Posted on March 2, 2023 by fromthefirstorder. September 8th, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Weather, Red Square Nebula, Jupiter Save big with this coupon. . Red is satellite charging hazard. The YouTube channel and daily show, Observer Ranch, Books & Merchandise,, The Big Burb and Legacy Videos for Former Members are available by clicking the buttons on this page. Try of the guys from our weekly podcast Fly on the Wall! AR 13234 58 AR 13229, X2.28 flare! Map via Youtube. August 12th, 2017 FOTW: Earthquakes, Ross Sea, Cosmic Rays, VAXXED September 29th, 2018 FOTW: Tsunami, Dust, Stars Health February 28th, 2015 FOTW: Escanaba, more controversy. For Billy Yelverton Jr. (Mr2) and the Plasma Lab - Xaviar Thunders - The bottom chart lights up during major events. January 2nd, 2016 FOTW: Solar Update, Climate Update, The Future of HAARP Fly on the Wall is a series of peeks into our Saturday conversations. January 19th, 2019 FOTW: Star-Planet Interaction, Earth Catastrophe Cycle What Do You Seek? October 28th, 2017 FOTW: There were a lot of topics today. October 20th, 2018 FOTW: Sad News, Cosmic Rays, FRBs, The Other Plane August 29th, 2020 FOTW: Earthquake Watch, Top News, Wheat and Chaff Tour Dates & Tickets: Promo Code MARCHOBSERVER: https://space-weather-news.myshopify.. Once you download it, you're presented with a bunch of data. March 28th, 2015 FOTW: Current Events, Pilotless Aircraft, Monty Childs discusses SAFIRE, March 21st, 2015 FOTW: Ceres Update, Blue is a new color, Solar Discussion, March 14th, 2015 FOTW: Genetically Modified AIDS, Faraday Cages for the Poor Man, Ceres, Galactic Corrugation. January 20th, 2018 FOTW: Climate, Earth/Sun Changes, Immigration Economics/Meteorology Penn State University (Schreyers Honors) 2003-2005 March 14th, 2015 FOTW: Genetically Modified AIDS, Faraday Cages for the Poor Man, Ceres, Galactic Corrugation July 23rd, 2016 FOTW: Sun, Missing Planes, Censored Feeds, Gut October 6th, 2019 FOTW: Awake, Climate Conflicts, Media Collapse July 18th, 2015 FOTW: Observers Studio, Michael Steinbacher, Solar Impulse Plane December 17th, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Report, Ceres, Chemtrails, ETs September 23rd, 2017 FOTW: Earth, Sun, Climate Change, Technology June 23rd, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Uranus, Cosmology, Electric DNA January 3rd, 2015 FOTW: Lots to See on the New Site, Weather Shifts, Dr. U-yen on Flares, Earthquakes, and Seeing the Big Picture . SOLAR CYCLE UPDATE: February was another strong month for Solar Cycle 25. Tour Dates & Tickets: USA, No China, No Amazon, Fight the Matrixhttps://mammothnation. Book a Call With Ben Davidson S0 | Ask Questions Directly, Consulting, Brainstorming and More, Select Topic This chart is yet another one from it shows the current solar cycle sunspot counts compared to previous cycles. Researcher, analyst and author Ben Davidson is the founder of the Suspicious Observers YouTube channel which specializes in the science surrounding the Earth, the Sun and the Cosmos. January 31st, 2015 FOTW: The Leading Edge of Science Multiple Fascinating Updates September 24th, 2016 FOTW: Earthquakes, Europa, 6th Sense July 21st, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Planets, Plastic, Repeating History Embed. Spaceship. Dr. U-Yen joins us to discuss the sun. The acquisition comes as retail pharmacy companies increasingly move into the home healthcare space w. - Listen to Tik Tok reportedly suffers massive data breach - September 6, 2022 by Executive Leadership Briefing instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. November 2nd, 2019 FOTW: Cosmic Rays, Volcanoes, Earth Turn, Obamas Advice April 11th, 2015 FOTW: Earths Magnetic Field, Forbush Increase, Forbidden Crystals November 29th, 2014 FOTW: Current Events, Strange Magnetics, Space Radiation September 25, 2021 FOTW: Pick a Side November 21st, 2015 FOTW: Solar Wind & Weather, Anonymous, Glyphosate October 27th, 2018 FOTW: Sun, Cosmic Rays, Precipitation, Politics 6) The magnetic field is . November 9th, 2019 FOTW: Wizard Rock, Disaster Topics, Media Bullocks October 24th, 2015 FOTW: Earth Changes, Magnetic Field If a solar eruption is ever ACTUALLY going to affectearths power grid, the satellites will be affected first. Report abuse. 423 links. April 8th, 2017 FOTW: Conference Week, Some Light Reading Instead Suspicious Observers has been chronicling the 12,000 year cycle on a daily basis, reinforced with daily documentation from NASA, ESA, the Cassandra . December 12th, 2015 FOTW: Atlantis, Guns, Another Star in Our Solar System To explain, propagation monitoring detects the behaviour of radio waves as they travel from one point to another in various parts of the atmosphere. Green is good. July 30, 2022 FOTW: The Sun, ENAs, Economy May 23rd, 2020 FOTW: Gates, Top Science News, Mindstate The armada soared into the stratosphere, touching the shadow of the Moon more than 100,000 feet above Earth's surface. May 21st, 2016 FOTW: The Stars, Planets, Climate, and Health May 22, 2021 FOTW: Sun, Electricity, Clown World September 26th, 2015 FOTW: Great News, Galactic Flares, Winter Weather Trouble Coming March 19, 2022 FOTW: Solar Forecast, Stellar Beam, Revelations January 16th, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Update, Trip to Change?, What if? Ethos. November 28th, 2020 FOTW: Observer Ranch, Climate, Current Situation August 24th, 2019 FOTW: Google, Galactic Center, Movie Homework May 12th, 2018 FOTW: Plasma Universe, Space Age, Youth April 18th, 2020 FOTW: Cosmology, Magnetosphere, Sink or Swim January 12th, 2019 FOTW: Star Crystals, Novae, Magnetic Pole Reversal December 13th, 2014 FOTW: Black Knight Satellite, Truck convoy, Sun, Planets, Weather, and a not-so-strange government order. Math is Awesome. July 10, 2021 FOTW: Sun, Galaxy, Weather, Changes June 24th, 2017 FOTW: Dr. Seneff, Climate and Cosmic Rays, Cymatic Nova, Alex Jones April 3, 2022 FOTW: Sun, Climate, Disaster, Travel His defense attorneys said at the trial's . The compelling witness, documentary, and historical evidence presented by Jean Charles Moyen corroborating his teleportation experiences into Mt Fuji, adds credence to his claim of also having teleported into Mauna Kea to witness another space ark, as well as earlier teleportation experiences where he witnessed space arks in Tibet and Antarctica. Publisher's summary: Confraternities were the most common form of organized religious life in medieval and early modern Europe. has transitioned to the portal for all-things Observer-related. November 25th, 2017 FOTW: Space Weather, Earthquake Science, NSA Leaks November 14th, 2020 FOTW: Magnetism, Catastrophe Cycle, The Future -Thursday, 2 March 2023, 23:21 PM. March 14th, 2020 FOTW: Solar Update, Galactic Fields, Coronavirus This will be just a notion of what we will be . This guy has done legitimate finding behind the scenes. March 31st, 2018 FOTW: EMF, GEC, Crossing Planet January 23rd, 2021 FOTW: Sun, Earth, State of the World November 26th, 2016 FOTW: Earthquake Predictions, Vacuum Energy/Thruster, Large-Scale Magnetism, Winter Prep, 100th Monkey September 3rd, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Report, My Call with the USGS, SpaceX and more April 20th, 2019 FOTW: Weird University Article, Volcano Extinction, Troubling Brain Science Experience. We traveled through 40+ states and 4 provinces from June 2014 through February 2015 on an educational outreach tour hosting 75+ events. There is a space weather portion of the App and an Earthquake portion of the App. September 11, 2021 FOTW: Sun, Nova, Distress August 14, 2021 FOTW: Cosmology, Disaster, Conspiracy S0 really turned out to be a con. July 3, 2021 FOTW: Mars, Interdisciplinary Studies, Crystal Ball Earth Alliance and Patriot News for March 2, 2023. December 27th, 2014 FOTW: Cold is Coming, Earths Version of a Solar Flare, Space-weather Volcanos This person Ben did not understand that . March 28th, 2020 FOTW: Volcano Protein, Disaster Coverup, Stages of the End August 20th, 2016 FOTW: Sun/Earth Report, Electric Earth, Electric Geology, Loves Emails Challenge Update Ben Davidson, the 'Suspicious Observer' appears to have done the same as other disinfo artists. January 15, 2022 FOTW: Space Weather, Earths Core, Micronova, Dangerous Time November 10th, 2018 FOTW: Grand Minimum, Oumuamua, India BA Economics Denison University 2006-2008 August 1st, 2020 FOTW: Volcanoes, Phoenix Stream, Cosmic Rays, Feeling Unwanted? Golf Team, 2007 All-Conference Team http://www.Suspicious0bservers.orghttp://www.SpaceWeatherNews.comhttp://www.QuakeWatch.nethttp://www.ObservatoryProject.comFacebook: By. December 26th, 2020 FOTW: Current Sheet Forcing, White House, Observer Ranch August 15th, 2020 FOTW: Solar Cycle, Helix, Plastic, Media April 14th, 2018 FOTW: Quakes, Cosmic Dust, Health and Life , September 12th, 2015 FOTW: Solar/Earth Update, Sources of Unrest, Ceres Bright Spots. April 23rd, 2016 FOTW: Earthquakes, Solar Killshot/Magnetic Reversal, Universal Wave-guide April 22nd, 2017 FOTW: Solar Storms, OTF2018, State of the World Discussions December 21st, 2019 FOTW: Dust, Magnetic Reversal, Humans are not Smart We're off the road for now, but have expanded with Observing The Frontier conferences, daily news and books! Skip to product information Open media 1 in modal Space Weather News. June 6th, 2015 FOTW: NEOs, Electric Universe, New Cygnet, Current Observations December 26, 2021 FOTW: James Webb, 12,000 Years Ago, Media Spaceship. June 30rd, 2018 FOTW: Earthquakes, Electromagnetic Connections, Space Stuff December 1st, 2018 FOTW: Top News, Plasma Universe, Gene Editing June 20th, 2015 FOTW: Coronal Heating, Phoebe Ring, Climate Discussion, Caseys Latest February 21st, 2015 FOTW: Solar Status, Light Beam, Climate, Star Entered Our System, Panspermia Evidence? 1. July 16th, 2016 FOTW: Electric Connections, Habitable Zones, Light May 7, 2022 FOTW: An Unexpected Show December 2, 2021 FOTW: Discussions and Science (GARYJOHN.FACEBOOK) November 12, 2022. Be a fly on the wall for our conversations about things that we feel are most important. November 18th, 2017 FOTW: Oceans, Climate, Chat About the show. ENLIL Spiral | Magnetic Sector Boundaries and CME Events, Copyright All Rights Reserved 2018 by Space Weather News, LLC |. June 16th, 2018 FOTW: Solar Risks, Ownership of the World, Mind/Body
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